Zack Lawson


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About Me!

 Hi, my name is Zack Lawson and I am an elopement and wedding videographer. As of right now, I am so lucky to call a little piece of heaven across from Highway 1 in Newport Beach, CA my home.

My passion for videography started back during my senior year of college when I was attending the California State University, Chico (Go Wildcats!). Throughout my time there I was really unsure about what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I kept jumping back and fourth between wanting to start all sorts of different things. First, it was wanting to design cars. Next, it was wanting to design snowboards. Then, I wanted to start a clothing brand and design t-shirts. But there was something that all of these endeavors had in common...I wanted to create.

It wasn't until I picked up my first camera, a GoPro, that I knew this is what I wanted to create for life. I found my passion for videography after 4 years of college and 100 credits later. Would have been nice to find it my freshmen year when I could have changed my major...but hey, what are you going to do?

I started taking this camera every where with me. Anytime that my friends and I went hiking, cliff-jumping, camping, snowboarding, wakeboarding, dirtbiking, rollblading, hiking, and yes, the occasional house party. You name it and my GoPro was by my side capturing all of my favorite moments in life.

Since then, my passion grew more and more for videography and it developed into becoming apart of my everyday life. It is so much more to me than just creating beautiful images and videos. It is an outlet for me to display my emotions and create the art that is important to me. It has helped me with every aspect of my life and turned me into the person I am today.